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Atlas WB49 Wheel Balancer

Atlas WB49. Split-Weight Function for locating the weights behind the spokes, an automatic LED light to illuminate the inside of the rim when applying the weights. 2D data entry automatically inputs Offset and Max Diameter. Tyre Diameter 39″. Rim Sizes (cars and light trucks) 10″-32″. * Rim Width 1 ½”-20″. Shaft Size 40mm

Bradbury WC5531C wheel Balancer

Bradbury WC5531C Computerised Wheel Balancer,Fully motorised and features advanced programme options including hidden/split weight function and wheel optimisation.

A third arm is supplied as standard with the machine and automatically measures the rim width (no manual measurements).Accessories included wheel weight pliers with hammer, quick release wheel clamping nut and three balancing cones.

Wheel max weight of 70Kg Rim diameter 10”-28”.Rim width 1.5”-20”. Maximum wheel diameter 1118mm including tyre.

Shaft dimeter 40mm. Precision within 1 gram.

Balancing time 7 seconds for electronic wheel balancer
240 Volt 1 Phase 20amp D rated fuse electrical supply.

Delivery, installation and basic training 24 months warranty

Ranger (UK) Wheel Balancers

Ranger Garage Equipment is a division of Bendpak Inc and are the divsion responsible for their tyre shop range of equipment.

Ranger Wheel Balancers are Faster, Slimmer

Wheel balancer perfection comes from Ranger. After over a decade of developing their balance technologies, their wheel balancers have reached the very pinnacle of reliability and precision. The proven direct-axis drive system is accurate within hundredths of an ounce and guarantees that wheels are balanced and vibration-free. Wheel balancers are essential tools for professional auto care centres and tyre shops of all sizes. Wheel balancers are essential tools for automotive shops of all sizes. They pay dividends over time and make sure you keep up with fast-paced customer demand.

Wheel Balancers

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Wheel Balancers | Tyre Balancers | JBS Equipment Ltd

Look through our wide selection of wheel balancers  and Tyre balancers. From the ECO semi auto input up to the fully 3D sonar input models with automatic clamping .Whether  a new start-up or upgrading your current shops equipment, at  JBS Equipment you will find a selection of wheel balancers that meet your requirements and budget