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Nitrogen Tyre Inflation Equipment | JBS Equipment

There is no doubt about it, Nitrogen inflation is becoming more common as customers demand the service and anybody dealing in tyres will need to consider meeting the demand. In addition, certain new vehicles are coming out of the factory with nitrogen in the tyres as standard, setting the tone for nitrogen filling to become the ‘norm’ in the future.

The fully-automatic NG90 provides even faster, simpler operation. Simply connect the hose up to the valve and set the required pressure, and then walk away and get on with another job. The NG90 will automatically purge the tyre and the switch to refill with nitrogen to the pressure selected.

Nitrogen Tyre Inflation | JBS Equipment

The NG90 will automatically purge the tyre and the switch to refill with … and the benefit of nitrogen to the garage or tyre shop owner. The fully-automatic Hofmann Megaplan NG904 offers the added advantage of inflating 4 tyres simultaneously.

The key to selling the service to your customers is about keeping it simple, and listed below are the 5 main reasons that your customers should be paying a little extra to run on nitrogen:

1.    They can forget about checking their tyre pressures
2.    They will get the cost of the N2 back time and time again by extending the life of their tyres
3.    They will get better fuel economy because the vehicle is running on correct pressures
4.    They will enjoy a much nicer drive
5.    They can feel like they are doing their bit for the environment
6.    They will be safer

Hofmann Megaplan NG90-4

The Hofmann NG90-4 N2 Generator System is supplied to the Porsche dealer network across the UK and Ireland.

The fully-automatic inflation system, capable of inflating 4 tyres simultaneously, was chosen following its trial within several locations.

Nitrogen inflation is without doubt the way forward for drivers, and Porsche have been very pro-active in recognising its benefits and revenue stream.