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Dunlop AGO45L Laser Tracking Gauges

The Dunlop AGO45L Laser tracking gauges are the quickest and easiest way of checking toe angles (tracking) for cars and light vehicles. These robust units (UK made) can be set up quickly to obtain accurate toe readings on front and rear wheels without scratches (as the unit sits over the wheel and only touches the rim in 3 points, a perfect solution specially for alloys). It’s wireless (battery operated), with integrated charger, which any user can use and even calibrate in less than a minute.
Supplied as standard with steering wheel clamp and wall bracket for perfect storage.

Wheel sizes 13” to 22” .Rechargeable batteries Included. Charger (integrated) Included. Steering wheel clamp Included. Wall bracket Included. 12 months parts and labour warranty* Included.