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SuperTracker STR130RW

The STR130RW is like the STR420RW in function, the user friendly software is designed to make operation easy to navigate and information easy to read. It also features adjustment helps screens to assist technicians on a variety of vehicle adjustments.
As you would expect, an extensive vehicle database with customer history recall is included, with updates released yearly. A low spoiler program to incline the measuring heads and jack and hold program for suspended adjustments on 2 post lifts, allows for true versatility.

  • Extensive vehicle database
  • Customer database with full history recall
  • Full printout showing before and after readings
  • Adjustment help screens
  • Wheel hangers & measuring heads calibrated as a unit

Supertracker STR600

Supertracker STR600 3D aligner offers the latest technology in the market, features Automatic Number Plate Recognition. The aligner can be used in many locations and with no run out compensation required, is quick and simple to use.Works with your Smart Phone or Tablet3D. Solid State targets with no electronics.