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Capacity 1000kg. Max roller height 420mm. Min roller height 115mm.Roller length 585mm. Max width overall 1040mm. Max height overall 1790mm. Overload protection. Top quality hydraulics fitted with chrome plated piston on ram pump.Robust construction

WRT1000 Commercial Wheel Dolly


Brake drum holder (optional):-
WRT1000DH Brake drum holder


Liftmaster K1350 Wheel Grabber

Liftmaster K1350 wheel Grabber is the proven, successful way to remove a seized, hub and wheel , with one man operation!. The Pulling Chains are hooked into the hand holes and their Safety Hooks are attached to the Wheel Grabber. Next, the Hub Socket is centered on the wheel hub. An impact wrench, applied to the Forcing Screw, uniformly tightens the Pulling Chains until the seized wheel is freed – without damage to the wheel or hub. It is safe and quick.

  • Includes Chain Set and Hub socket. 
  • Optional chains and hub sockets available for aluminum and various wheels.
  • Features a compact and portable design.


HGV King Pin Press

KPP-23 Hydraulic King Pin Press  

23 ton cpacity with foot air pump operation

A notoriously tricky task is the removal of a seized king pin – a vital steering system component connected to the stub axle.  One method employs an acetylene torch to heat up the axle, expanding it slightly so that the king pin can be forced out with a heavy sledge hammer.  The KPP- 23  King Pin Press is a far more simple hydraulic solution to the problem. It will remove most commercial vehicle king-pins & stub axles on the market.

£1,896.00+vat    Lease finance example 1+59 months at £43.96+vat

Robust design

Spread of 165mm

Reach of 457mm

23 ton capacity

Complete with a set of 4 pusher pins in various diameters & lengths