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Gray WL-20 WHEEL LIFT SYSTEM from JBS Equipment

Gray WL-20 WHEEL LIFT SYSTEM from JBS Equipment                           £4,770.00+vat or from £25.52 p.w.

Original design, Gray U.S. Patented product
• Lifts vehicles (by tyres) with & without
aerodynamic fairings or low clearance
• 3 capacities—10, 15, 20 Ton
• 100%  Compressed Air Operatedgray---bus_10891629
• Built-in support stand
• Immediate 32-38” clearance for easy
undercarriage access
• Technician friendly transmission & clutch
service, oil changes, chasis maintenance
and inspections
• Eliminates crawling under vehicle to find
proper lift points
• Unique spring loaded base provides
stability with ease of movement


Gray WL-20

Gray’s pair of air operated mid-rise lift offers flexibilty and quick access to major components on all types of vehicles. The pair safely lift any vehicle while the positive pinning system provides safe and clear access under one end of the vehicle.Lifting height is perfect for major component removal. 

£4,770.00+vat of from £25.52 p.w



Gray TAJS-2000 – Pair of AIR JACK STANs are  perfect solution for spring, tyre and brake work. Ideal for lifting loaded trailers, trucks, agriculteral equipment and  tractors.The TAJS-2000 can be used individually or in pairs to double the lifting capacity. The TAJS-2000’s removable handle and wheels makes the jack easy to place and store. £1580.00 +vat per pair or from  £8.52 p.w.

Commercial Vehicle Inspection Pits

Pre-fabricated vehicle inspection pits for HGV & buses. Installing pits throughout the UK. Top Quality Prefabricated Steel Vehicle Inspection  Pits for commercial workshops , ATF’s (Authorised Testing Facilities) and MOT stations. JBS Equipment supply a range of prefabricated steel pits for all types of commercial vehicles, inspection pits; air operated pit jacks; HGV test lanes; Class 4 and 7 ATL pits.pitpit2

BM14200 HGV Brake tester

BM14200  HGV Brake tester. Full DVSA  ATF Specification (Manufactured by BM Autoteknik in Denmark).18 ton capacity                                                                                               BM14200_2 (1)£30,250.00 Installed with training

BM14200 /20 ton HGV Brake tester.Full DVSA  ATF  Specification. Fitted with an upgrade to 20 ton per axle test weight                 £33,435.00 Installed with training