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Gray WL-20 WHEEL LIFT SYSTEM from JBS Equipment

Gray WL-20 WHEEL LIFT SYSTEM from JBS Equipment                           £4,770.00+vat or from £25.52 p.w.

Original design, Gray U.S. Patented product
• Lifts vehicles (by tyres) with & without
aerodynamic fairings or low clearance
• 3 capacities—10, 15, 20 Ton
• 100%  Compressed Air Operatedgray---bus_10891629
• Built-in support stand
• Immediate 32-38” clearance for easy
undercarriage access
• Technician friendly transmission & clutch
service, oil changes, chasis maintenance
and inspections
• Eliminates crawling under vehicle to find
proper lift points
• Unique spring loaded base provides
stability with ease of movement

Column lifts |JBS Equipment

JBS Equipment supply  hard wired or  wire less column lifts,all manufactured in Europe. Electro hydraulic  and electro mechanical column lifts. Fast lifting portable and space saving column lifts at very competitive prices! Werther column lifts. ATT column lifts. Tecalemit column lifts, Bradbury column lifts. Dunlop column lifts.

Werther Column Lifts from JBS Equipment

Werther column lifts meet the latest TUV regulations. Following an accident in Germany, when a train fell from a multiple set of columns (may we say not Werthers), to comply with TUV regs, all column lift sets must now be two man controlled. Basically the second man is an observer and presses and independent up button after ensuring the vehicle is safely loaded. It is now a requirement of all manufacturers to comply. JBS Equipment Ltd have supplied the first set to farm in Kent.werther columns

MCS Mobile Column System by NUSSBAUM

Wireless Communication. Operate from any Column. Nussbaum Lifts are available in the U.K. from JBS Equipment Ltd. The NUSSBAUM MOBILE COLUMNS SYSTEM  offer light weight, are  portable and  design to cope with the busy truck and bus workshop.NUSSBAUM offers the perfect mobile lift!Nuss Column1

Liftmaster Commercial

We are the UK’s leading distributor for Liftmaster Commercial at  Discounted Prices!  Column Lifts. 4 post lifts. 2 post lifts. Arena Brake testers. ATF Lanes. Scissor Lifts. Inground lifts. HGV brake testers. Best prices on line!LiftmasterCommercial