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Car Lifts for Home

Scissor car lift for home | 2 post car lift for home | 4 post car lift for home ! Portable car lift for home | Foldaway car lift for home ! At JBS Equipment we have the car lift for home.

Vehicle Lifts 4 Home

Our range of Mobile Scissor Lifts are just part of our vast range of high quality home garage lifts . Scissor Lifts, 2 post or 4 post lifts to suit your home garage servicing, body repair and storage requirements

Best Car lifts for Home Garage

The home motor mechanic usually only has room for one lift in his garage or workshop. It is important when you are thinking about installing any car lift that you have space not just for the lift but for a space around the lift to work. We have the lift for your workshop space. Call 01375 893858

lifts for home garage

A car lift for your home garage is the ultimate  toy and investment. It will completely change the way to which you work on your car, making things much easier. Garage lifts come in 2 post, 4 post or scissor  styles . Choose the lift based upon your garage requirements.