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Gray WL-20 WHEEL LIFT SYSTEM from JBS Equipment

Gray WL-20 WHEEL LIFT SYSTEM from JBS Equipment                           £4,770.00+vat or from £25.52 p.w.

Original design, Gray U.S. Patented product
• Lifts vehicles (by tyres) with & without
aerodynamic fairings or low clearance
• 3 capacities—10, 15, 20 Ton
• 100%  Compressed Air Operatedgray---bus_10891629
• Built-in support stand
• Immediate 32-38” clearance for easy
undercarriage access
• Technician friendly transmission & clutch
service, oil changes, chasis maintenance
and inspections
• Eliminates crawling under vehicle to find
proper lift points
• Unique spring loaded base provides
stability with ease of movement

Commercial Vehicle Inspection Pits

Pre-fabricated vehicle inspection pits for HGV & buses. Installing pits throughout the UK. Top Quality Prefabricated Steel Vehicle Inspection  Pits for commercial workshops , ATF’s (Authorised Testing Facilities) and MOT stations. JBS Equipment supply a range of prefabricated steel pits for all types of commercial vehicles, inspection pits; air operated pit jacks; HGV test lanes; Class 4 and 7 ATL pits.pitpit2