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Atlas TC320 Plus Tyre Changer

Atlas TC320 Plus, with a three point-assist arm for lifting and depressing of the bead, the equipment is designed to limit the potential damage to alloy wheels.Tilt arm design, 3 position clamping jaws and power assist arm, making easy work of run flat tyres. Rim clamping : 10″ – 24″. Max. tyre diameter: 1000 mm (39”). Max. tyre width: 355mm) (13“).

Atlas TC220 Tyre Changer

Atlas TC220 Swing Arm Tyre Changer. 4 powerful pneumatic clamping jaws. 13-amp power supply and 8-10 Bar compressed air supply is needed to get this machine up & running. Rim clamping range external: 10″ – 22″ Rim clamping range from internal: 12″ – 24″ .Max. tyre diameter: 1000 mm (39”). Max. tyre width: (355mm) (13“)

JBS Equipment offer Atlas ECO Tyre Changers Nationwide

JBS Equipment are a Hofmann Megaplan Appointed Distributor For Atlas Garage Equipment

Premium garage equipment suppliers, JBS Equipment with Hofmann Megaplan are now able to offer the American brand, Atlas Automotive throughout the UK.

Designed for lower volume users, our Atlas range firmly demonstrates our integrity. Designed so as you can do a high demanding job with a lower price product, focusing on value for money and performance ratio.

If you’re a low volume tyre shop looking for a premium quality tyre changer at a not so premium cost then look no further than theAtlas range! JBS Equipment and Hofmann Megaplan together offer quality to give you the best tyre changer at the lowest possible cost.

Ranger (UK)Tyre Changers

Ranger Garage Equipment is a division of Bendpak Inc and are the divsion responsible for their tyre shop range of equipment.

Ranger Advanced Tyre Changers for the 21st Century

Your new Ranger tyre changer is about to become an indispensable piece of equipment in your garage. With exclusive tyre changing features from Ranger, the once-dreaded chore of changing a tyre is now fast, easy and even makes work a little bit fun. Their state-of-the-art tyre changer design offers cutting-edge technology and advanced features to make this one of the most profitable pieces of wheel service equipment that you can offer.

Whether you’ve been banging beads out of that same stubborn tyre for decades, or you’ve been operating tyre changers for decades, you’ve come to the right place for tyre changing service equipment. Every single one of those stubborn tyre-and-wheel assemblies is protected by the people who know tyre changer capabilities better than anyone. Ranger’s premium large-tyre models will easily handle the most massive truck assemblies, so there’s nothing you can throw at us that we haven’t seen before.

These days, the tyre changer operators have to feel comfortable working with wheels and rims that are prone to marring and scratching. Ranger offers better wheel protection to ensure you don’t lose business due to a minor technician error