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Hofmann Eco Series | JBS Equipment

Hofmann Megaplan Ecomount. Manufactured / assembled in the UK with all European components to an Italian design. They come with a 2 year warranty  designed for those whose volume may not be that of a very busy tyre shop, but who never the less want a quality product from a manufacturer recognized worldwide.

 Tyre Fitting Equipment | JBS Equipment

When you’re a professional in the wheel and tyre business, you know the value of a high quality Tyre Machine in keeping your business running smoothly. Changing the toughest tyre needn’t represent a major challenge – provided you’ve got the right Tyre Machines in you workshop. Whether  a motorcycle, a car or 4×4, truck, bus or Hofmann mobile-fittingHoff tyre-changers-commercialtractor, fitting a new tyre won’t be a difficult task with our tyre changers.

We have all the commercial equipment that the professional tyre fitter needs.. Would you like a fully automatic model or is  a mobile tyre fitting machine that you require? A tyre changer should be easy to use, heavy duty tyre, suit your workshop and your budget. Buy or lease from JBS Equipment

Hofmann Megaspin 200-3 | JBS Equipment

Building on the success of its predecessor, the Hofmann 200-2, which firmly established its self as one of the Worlds most popular wheel balancers, the  Hofmann Megaspin 200-3 takes the ‘small in size, massive on features’ concept to a new level.

Now with 3D fully-automatic data input using the unique I.W.A. technology, the Hofmann Megaspin 200-3 is capable in any environment, regardless of volume. Handling up to 30” rim diameter and a comfortable 70kg in wheel weight, the 200-3 is deceptively high spec’, yet retains a space saving minimum footprint and whilst offering  ‘Eco-Drive’ low-spin motorized technology.megaspin-200-3-No-Hood

Tyre Changers

We offer a vast range of tyre changers at discounted prices from entry level up to production line models. Value Tyre Changers. Dunlop Tyre Changers. Hofmann Tyre Changers, Hofmann Megaplan Tyre Changers, Hofman ECO Tyre Changers. Ranger Tyre Changers. Bendpak Tyre Changers. Bradbury Tyre Changers. Tecalemit tyre Changers. Nationwide dHoffmegamount-852mainmegamount702elivery with warranty.