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Hofmann Eco Series | JBS Equipment

Hofmann Megaplan Ecomount. Manufactured / assembled in the UK with all European components to an Italian design. They come with a 2 year warranty  designed for those whose volume may not be that of a very busy tyre shop, but who never the less want a quality product from a manufacturer recognized worldwide.

 Tyre Fitting Equipment | JBS Equipment

When you’re a professional in the wheel and tyre business, you know the value of a high quality Tyre Machine in keeping your business running smoothly. Changing the toughest tyre needn’t represent a major challenge – provided you’ve got the right Tyre Machines in you workshop. Whether  a motorcycle, a car or 4×4, truck, bus or Hofmann mobile-fittingHoff tyre-changers-commercialtractor, fitting a new tyre won’t be a difficult task with our tyre changers.

We have all the commercial equipment that the professional tyre fitter needs.. Would you like a fully automatic model or is  a mobile tyre fitting machine that you require? A tyre changer should be easy to use, heavy duty tyre, suit your workshop and your budget. Buy or lease from JBS Equipment