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Hofmann ECO Atlas TC320 Plus Installed Nationwide

The TC320 Plus is designed to ensure optimal efficiency with every tyre change. With a three point-assist arm for lifting and depressing of the bead, the equipment is designed to limit the potential damage to alloy wheels.

It has a time-efficient tilt arm design, 3 position clamping jaws and power assist arm, making easy work of run-flat tyres. The front access panel makes for easy servicing while the optional motorcycle adaptors, jaws, mounting head and bead breaker blade mean this tyre changer is up to any task. Delivered with 2 year full warranty.

Hofmann Eco Series | JBS Equipment

Hofmann Megaplan Ecomount. Manufactured / assembled in the UK with all European components to an Italian design. They come with a 2 year warranty  designed for those whose volume may not be that of a very busy tyre shop, but who never the less want a quality product from a manufacturer recognized worldwide.