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MCS Mobile Column System by NUSSBAUM

Wireless Communication. Operate from any Column. Nussbaum Lifts are available in the U.K. from JBS Equipment Ltd. The NUSSBAUM MOBILE COLUMNS SYSTEM  offer light weight, are  portable and  design to cope with the busy truck and bus workshop.NUSSBAUM offers the perfect mobile lift!Nuss Column1

Liftmaster Commercial

We are the UK’s leading distributor for Liftmaster Commercial at  Discounted Prices!  Column Lifts. 4 post lifts. 2 post lifts. Arena Brake testers. ATF Lanes. Scissor Lifts. Inground lifts. HGV brake testers. Best prices on line!LiftmasterCommercial

Refurbished Column lifts

Refurbished column lifts. Why buy used equipment or supposedly reconditioned, when for £8800 you get a brand new set of 4 x 5.5t columns or 4 x 7.5t  at £10,450 ? Delivered with full training. Contact us today 01375 893858werther columns