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TotalKare T8AC Hydraulic Column Lifts

TotalKare T8AC Electro Hydraulic Cabled Column Lifts.   (Rotary lifts). 7.5 ton per column.                                                                                     The rams are within the carriage protecting the chrome piston rods from damage.                                                                                             Sets of 4,6 or 8                                                                                                                  

Lift for Forklift Servicing

Liftmaster (Ravaglioli ) LMC2302NF 5.5 ton per column x 2 columns. For fast, accessible servicing of fork lift trucks. Quality Italian equipment with full CE approval.                                                                                                                         


Liftmaster Hub Puller Kit

Liftmaster  Hub Puller Kit for Truck or Bus Workshops.                       Specific kits available for the Enviro 200 and 400 Buses and Meteor Trailer axles

Kit consists of

4 x 16mm x 200mm High Tensile Allen Cap Bolts

1 x 14mm Hex Key                           

4 x 18mm x 200mm Bolts High Tensile

1 x 240mm x 30mm Diameter Round Cut Blank              

4 x 30mm x 142mm Spacers

3 x Centre Plates (1 x 55mm 1 x 63mm 1 x 85mm)

1 x Centre Pin

3 x Centre Pin Spacers (2 x 46mm 1 x 30mm)      

1 x Nike CLF220-50 20 Ton Ram                                                    

1 x Tool Box


Meteor or Enviro Kits £2464.00 or  Lease finace example 1+59 months at £57.11+vat


Capacity 1000kg. Max roller height 420mm. Min roller height 115mm.Roller length 585mm. Max width overall 1040mm. Max height overall 1790mm. Overload protection. Top quality hydraulics fitted with chrome plated piston on ram pump.Robust construction

WRT1000 Commercial Wheel Dolly


Brake drum holder (optional):-
WRT1000DH Brake drum holder