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Bradbury WCAHD3D PC Based Wheel Aligner

The Bradbury WCAHD3D PC Based Wheel Aligner features cutting edge advanced high definition 3D wheel alignment technology. The easy-to-use software allows the operator to carry out tasks in an efficient manner, achieving precise results first time, every time. The user friendly interface features step by step instructions on the wheel alignment process, ensuring the machine provides accurate results to the technician.

• Includes Autodata database, easily search by car manufacturer and model.
• Easy to position and user friendly light wheel targets, suited to a wide range of cars/vans.
• 6.4MP high accuracy camera with automatic tracking, that provides precise measurements of the vehicles body.
• Automatic and manual data input options.
• Platform adaptability.
• Latest alignment technology.
• Large 32” high resolution monitor.
• Includes computer and printer.
• Water proof and oil resistant target plates

* Steering wheel holder

* Brake holder

* Wheel chocks

* User friendly lightweight clamp

* Smaller target plate with 125*145mm

* Aluminium alloy turntables

Commercial HGV Brake Testers

High performing, durable and easy to use HGV Brake Testers. Mobile brake testers or inground brake testers, competitively priced. Ideal for all HGV commercial, bus and coach workshops. Operator brake testing or to full ATF Brake testing specifications.

Wireless Column Lifts

The column lifts are battery driven with wireless radio controlled communication between each column and the control system. Wireless column lifts from Totalkare . Space. Finkbeiner. Liftmaster. Somers. Tecalamit. Call 01375 893858