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Autolift 1.5T MANUAL TRANSMISSION JACK. Capacity 1500kg. The jacks are designed and manufactured in the UK. For use in a pit, under column lifts or a 4 post lift, maximum 1.5 Tonners. Designed for removal or install of engines,  gearboxes etc. A foot pedal operated hydraulic pump allows an easy effortless lift and hands free operation. Precision engineered valves allow a controlled lowering. High Quality Castor wheels and side handles allows the units to be easily moved. The Jack comes with 2x ratchet straps to secure the gearbox in place when lowering or moving. The top square plate is a universal design with 4x moveable quadrants & the slots allow modifications to be made by the user to accommodate different gearboxes. Height (Min. 850mm. Max 1810mm) Width 850mm. Depth 800mm.  Load test certificate – supplied with each unit. CE markings – conform to EC directives.Delivered UK mainland with 5 years warranty