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Aircat 1250-K

* Provides 1,300 ft-lb Loosening torque
* The NitroCat 1250-K is a fearless, hard hitting, 1/2″ impact
wrench that out performs anything in its class!
* Hard hitting smooth twin clutch mechanism
* Durable KevlarTM reinforced “Body Armor” housing
* The twin clutch is better suited for heavy duty (frame work,
medium to heavy duty trucks)

Aircat A1600-TH-A


* Provides 1600 ft-lb loosening torque
* Composite housing reduces weight
* Hard hitting twin hammer mechanism delivers maximum power
* Patented “Silencing Technology” reduces the noise level to 86 dBA
* The grip has been ergonomically designed t
* Combined reverse and power management switch 

Aircat 1870-P-A

Aircat 1870-P-A 1″ Pistol grip 1900ft lb

*2,100 ft-lb maximum torque
*Unmatched power to weight ratio
*1870-P has low weight impact-resistant housing
*Features combined friction-ring and through-hole socket retainers