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VAMAGcommercial brake testers 2

Vamag HGV Roller Brake Tester

The Vamag RBT/C has full DVSA and GEA approval for testing of HGVs, PSVs, Trailers, Class 4, 5 and 7, ATF testing, ATL testing and is connected equipment approved. Manufactured in Italy and with full TUV Nord & CE Approvals. We offer this unit for the fleet operator, main dealership or independent repair who wishes to -test or carry out operator scheduled brake testing to comply fully with the DVSA guidelines and provide their customer with a DVSA type A4 printed record.

The brake tester is used to measure components of the braking system and ensure everything is working correctly – it measures the following; Ovality, Bind, Braking Efficiency all of which equates to a percentage and following guidelines will tell the operator whether the braking system is working correctly or not. Commercial brake testing is part of the annual MOT test for vehicles and is one of the most common reasons for vehicles failing on MOT’s. DVSA have also released a publication and guidance that emphasises the importance of regular brake testing in the UK.

The Vamag brake tester measures the following braking procedures;

  • Service brake
  • Secondary brake
  • Park brake

Choosing a brake tester with an axle load of 20,000kgs means you have the capability of testing most vehicles including; HGV’s, Trailers, PSV’s, Buses, Coaches, Cranes and Heavy Duty Plant.                The Vamag brake tester has been structurally calculated and stressed to take 20,000kgs axle load, in the UK the maximum axle load is 13,000kgs for heavy goods vehicles and trailers. The additional 8,500kgs allowance means the key mechanical components such as bearings, chains etc. aren’t under any strain and are working at 57% capacity.

Brake testing in the UK is vigorous, the 15kw motors ensure low temperatures during testing  protecting key components. The gearbox and motor sit at the side of the tester under heavy duty steel covers which are fully enclosed. This prevents water, dirt and muck entering the system ensuring the gearbox and motor are not damaged.

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