Inground Lifts

A modern dealership demands the latest technology and most up to date and efficent lifting equipment. The main dealership or specialist service agent needs a modern workshop and a modern workshop needs customized and functional lifts.

Inground lifts, manufactured in Germany and Denmark, installed throughout the U.K. 

Inground Lifts provide the suitable solutions for any work in the service bay, maintenance and repair shop, bodyshop or paint shop.

They guarantee a maximum utilization of space. Without columns, the workshop stays free of obstacles. The hydraulic cylinders of the in-ground lifts are protected inside guiding pipes. These outside pipes are treated against corrosion with a chromium coating. Hard piping instead of flexible tubes ensures a long-life and low maintenance.

Available fitted with carrying arms,short, long platforms or with secondary lifting.

They are mostly used for the service and repair areas but if supplied with runways, they can be used in the car reception area or for wheel alignment. A range of 2-piston lifts are available, 3,5 tons capacity for cars  and or 5 tons capacity for vans and light trucks. Different technologies allow the installation in almost any kind of ground.

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