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Hofmann Megaplan Megacool 320

The Hofmann Megaplan Megacool 320. Fully Automatic feature-rich. Service Station for new & old gas. The Megacool 320 system comes with a design variation for use with both new & old gas types. Supplied by one of the world’s leading manufacturers of air conditioning recharge systems , manufactured in Italy, this system will take care of all of your air-con recharge needs!                                                                                                                                          Both Megacool 320 variations are built to work efficiently & save you time & hassle. Tested in-house by our Hofmann Megaplan AC experts to ensure they meet our premium product requirement, we can assure you this is one of the best AC Recharge systems on the market today. Features include:                                                                              The Megacool 320is equipped with a Bluetooth port in order to connect to smartphones and tablets. Via Bluetooth, the unit can perform:

  • 4 Vehicle’s plate number and mileage setting
  • 4 Collection of all service data
  • 4 Database update
  • 4 SW upgrade
  • 4 Parameter and working info for service use

Diagnosis and service validation is now made with two different temperature probes for the correct comparison of the environment with the internal vehicle temperature. The Megacool 320 can connect to a nitrogen bottle and perform a leak test, both during the service phases or separately. An overpressure valve in the unit avoids any possible damage by the use of too high a nitrogen pressure. An indicator bulb shows the working status, even from a distance.

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Delivered and installed by Hofmann Megaplan. Manufactured in Italy, 2 years warranty

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