Compac A10T HC (2)

Compac A10T-HC Air Operated Trolley Jack

Compac A10T-HC 10 tonne capacity. Especially designed for lifting heavy agricultural machinery and other vehicles with high ground clearance.A hybrid model featuring the “best of both worlds” with effortless air hydraulic lifting combined with the very long lifting stroke of 430 mm! Reaching a maximum height of 780 mm.

  • 100% air hydraulic.
  • Fast and silent air pump. Less than 70 dB.
  • Low entry height 150 mm. (* Without extension)
  • Maximum lifting height 780 mm. (** When using the extension)
  • Long lifting stroke 430 mm.
  • Standard with 200 mm extension.
  • Safe lifting with great stability on base of 4 heavy duty steel wheels.
  • Handle can be locked in an angle of 45 degrees for easy manoeuvering.
  • 3 years warranty
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