boge s eco line packaged unit 2

BOGE Air Compressors

Boge Silent Screw Compressors | S 5 eco DR | S 7 eco DR | S 11 eco DR | S 15 eco DR | Screw compressor with refrigerant dryer, mounted on an air receiver, belt-driven drive system, oil-lubricated.
• BOGE air end made in Germany
• operating voltage compressor 400 V / 50 Hz operating voltage dryer 230 V / 50 Hz
• base control with microprocessor system
• network pressure sensor
• belt-driven drive system
• low compressed air outlet temperature due toeffective aftercooler
• horizontal compressed air receiver mounted underneath
according to 2014/29/EU guidelines with CE-marking,
radiated, painted in basalt grey RAL 7012, size 250 litres
• condensate outlet tap
• refrigerant compressed air dryer runs automatically

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