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Bendpak HD 973P Tri Level Parking Lift 5175238 BendPak

Bendpak HD-973P four-post THREE CAR parking lift

Bendpak HD-973P four-post parking lift offers a cost-effective way to triple the capacity of typical parking areas. Overall width 2849mm, overall length 5080mm including drive on ramps.The upper platform accommodates vehicles weighing up to 3175kg and the lower deck heftily handles up to 4082kg. This is the perfect parking system for cars, SUVs and large pickup trucks. Optional drip trays available. Low height 4093mm columns allow this car lift to fit in low ceiling spaces. Although shorter than most tri-level systems, the lower space still yields a full 1783mm inches of rise. Independent platforms The HD-973P features independently operated lifting platforms, permitting varied vehicle heights and spacing in either upper or lower parking spaces. Because the platforms do not have to move in unison with one another, you can now lower the bottom platform without disrupting the overhead vehicle being stored. This allows operators to control one platform at a time.

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