Samoa Hose Stands, Brackets & Wall Plates


Samoa Hose Stands, Brackets and Wall Plates offer numerous means of mounting your hose reels. Wall mounted, on trolleys or multiple reel free standing frames.

Delivered to site

Prices on request

Samoa Hose Stands, Brackets and Wall Plates. Delivered to site (£12.95 can be deducted from all items after an initial item is purchased)

Prices on request

360119 Fast mount bracket                                      
360111 Hose reel pivoting bracket                          
360110 Pivoting wall mount bracket                        
360113 Hose reel bracket for trolley 432814          
360135 Hose reel bracket for trolley 432800          
360118 Hose reel beam bracket                              
360114 2 hose reel bank bracket                             
360115 3 hose reel bank bracket                              
360117 5 hose reel bank bracket                           
360160  6 Hose reels mounting frame                

360121 Pivoting wall mount bracket                          
360162 3 hose reels mounting frame                        
360161 Hose reel stand                                            
360122 Wall mounted drip pocket                           
360127 Wall mounted drip pocket and gun holder   

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